Sunday, May 29, 2011

Room 18 and 20's Special "Where The Wild Things Are" Assembly

On Friday Rooms 18 and 20 did a special presentation assembly for the rest of the school. It was great because lots of the mums and dads came along too. We had been planning for our assembly and practising for over two weeks, so we were all very excited by the time Friday came! The theme of our assembly was the famous story "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Here are some photos from the big event!

 Here we are waiting for everybody to arrive.

 First of all we introduced the assembly.

We acted out the story of "Where the Wild Things are." This is us doing our "What do Wild Things do?" poem.

We even did our own wild rumpus around the hall!

Finally some of us showed our fantastic "Wild Things" pictures and read some descriptions that we had written.


  1. Your colourful costumes were fantastic. I was glad Max got to have his dinner at the end.
    Mrs Maclean

  2. Room 18 you did such a fantastic job of your Wild Things Assembly! Well Done!

    From Tylers Mom