Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artwork For Sale

Next week it is our school art exhibition and each class has produced a special canvas to sell in the auction. Our canvas was based on the story "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister and each child designed a fish. The fabulous Mrs Stuart helped us to create our canvas. If you would like to own this work of art, please don't forget to come along to the art exhibition and bid for it!!!

Dressing up as fairytale characters

Last week we had a special dress up day in Year 1. We could come to school dressed up as a fairytale character. This is because we have been learning all about different traditional stories and fairytales. Can you work out who we are dressed as?! In the afternoon we went over to the hall for a fairytale ball. We played some games and did some dancing. The teachers even put on a show for us! They acted out "Cinderella." Miss Cockcroft was Cinderella and Mr Subramoney was the fairy godfather!

The Travelling Bears

We have a team of travelling bears in Room 18. Their names are Barnaby, Basil, Gertrude and Bertie. They love going on trips with the children around Auckland, New Zealand or even overseas. Luckily they all have special bear passports just in case they need to hop on a plane and visit a different country. The children then come back and tell us all about their adventures!

Check out all the places within New Zealand where the bears have been to so far this year!

Each bear has a special scrapbook for their pictures and news!

The bears have enjoyed visiting some exciting places overseas! There are more trips to Australia and Rarotonga planned too - how fabulous! Lucky bears!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Construct a Word

Check out a new game to help you with your spelling!