Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making Sushi

One of our fabulous parent helpers came in this week to show us how to make Korean style sushi, which was very exciting indeed! She demonstrated the different steps involved in making the sushi and explained what all the ingredients were. Perhaps you might also like to have a go at making some at home? We have made a little video clip to help you!
We also got to ask her lots of questions about Korea and found out more interesting facts. You can come and see our poster about Korea in our classroom!

Malaysian Roti

Another one of our wonderful mums came in recently with some Malaysian curry and roti for us to try. They tasted delicious and many children were very eager to try more! While she was visiting, we got the opportunity to ask lots of questions about Malaysia and managed to find out lots of interesting facts about both the country and the food. Click on the picture of our poster to see what we discovered!

Pakoras from India

Last week one of our lovely mums came in with some delicious pakoras for us to taste. Pakoras are Indian snacks and the ones we tried were made of bread, flour, water and spices. They had then been fried. We ate them with a little bit of tomato sauce. They had a spicy taste and some of the words that were used to describe them were... AWESOME, YUMMY and DELICIOUS!

Making pizzas

Recently we made some pizzas with Miss Brookshaw. We found out that pizzas come from Italy originally, but nowadays they are eaten all over the world! Here is what we did...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's in your lunchbox?

This term we are exploring the concept of "Discovery" through discovering what people eat for lunch all around the world. We brainstormed what we know about "lunch" already and Miss Brookshaw wrote down our ideas. She was amazed by all the interesting things we already know! We stuck our ideas onto a SOLO Describe Map. You can see our ideas more clearly by clicking on the picture below. Now we are going to have fun trying all sorts of different food from around the world. Keep watching this blog for regular updates as we share what we try with you!