Friday, April 30, 2010


We have been learning lots of different things in Maths and would like to share some of what we do with you. Each maths group in the class is going to share something different. We made these photo stories over two lessons.

Counting to 20

We are great at counting in 1s. Why don't you say the numbers with us as we count from 1 to 20?

Counting backwards from 20

Counting backwards is always a bit trickier! Have a go at counting from 20 back to 1 with us!

Skip counting forwards in 5s to 100

We have recently been learning how to skip count in 5s. Let's try counting forwards in 5s to 100. Perhaps you can join in with us?

Skip counting backwards from 100 in 5s

Now let's count backwards from 100 in 5s! This is a little bit trickier!

Pairs of Numbers that make 10

We have been learning pairs of numbers that go together to make 10. This is very useful to know!

Pairs of Numbers that make 100

Here we look at the tens numbers that go together to make 100! We noticed that they are very similar to the numbers that go together to make 10. They just have 0 on the ends!

The Farm

Now it is Term 2 and we have started a new topic! We are going to be finding out about some of the changes that might happen on a farm. To help us get started we made a define map about the farm. Miss Brookshaw gave us all some pictures and we had to decide whether they were relevant to a farm or not relevant, and say why! We stuck the pictures that we thought had something to do with a farm in the middle of the map and the other pictures around the outside of the map. We might well change our minds though as we go through the term, so some of these pictures may change places! Click on the picture to see it more clearly!

Comparing Jobs and Responsibilities

After our visits from the police and ambulance officers we made a compare map with Mrs Jones. This shows some of the things that are similar and different about their jobs and responsibilities. You can see our ideas more clearly when you click on the photo!

Responsibility at Home

This is a define map that we made about the responsibilities we have at home. We sat in a circle and thought about all the jobs we do at home to help out our families. We had lots of good ideas. Miss Brookshaw wrote down all our ideas and we illustrated them. After this we talked about them some more. We decided that although most of them were jobs, a couple of them were not! We sorted our illustrated cards and stuck all the jobs in the middle of our define map in the "relevant" box. Then we stuck the things that were not jobs around the outside of the define map in the "not relevant" box. You can read our ideas by clicking on the photo to see it more clearly.