Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planting Lettuce

We have been talking about how the sun gives us food by helping plants to grow. Mrs Elmore, the Environmental Education teacher and Mrs Bracewell helped us to plant some lettuce. We are going to use our lettuce to make some yummy sandwiches later on this term. Miss Brookshaw did some filming of our planting! Here is a little video of what we did.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Place in Space

Our new topic is "Our Place in Space" and we are finding out about the sun, the moon and Planet Earth. To start the term we brainstormed all our ideas about these things to see what we know already. Miss Brookshaw typed up what we said on the smartboard. She was really amazed by what we came up with! And at the end of the term hopefully we will know lots more! You can see this picture better by clicking on it.

Comparing two stories

Recently we have read two traditional tales from different parts of the world. We read "Rainbow Bird" from Australia and "How Rabbit stole the Fire" from North America. We found that there were lots of differences and similarities between the stories. Here is a compare map we have made about them. You can make it bigger by clicking on it.